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PMA 2012

PMA 2012 is the Practice Manager's Assistant for mental health offices to help you with your billing, record keeping and scheduling needs.  PMA, the experienced practice manager's assistant, will save you money, save you time, and assist you in providing professional service to your clients. PMA is always improving due to the interactive nature of your needs and our expertise.

Customer Service and Technical Support are our strong points. We are readily available to answer your questions and help solve your technical problems. Our software evolves through our user feedback so that we are continually responding to your needs.  Therefore we have mental health professionals who continue to use our software over the years, such as Peter Clark, Ph.D. of New Orleans.

PMA is the first choice partner for mental health professionals, 24 years in development and still learning from our users.  PMA is a Windows program consisting of over 200,000 lines of Delphi (Borland Pascal) computer code. We recommend running PMA on Windows 7 or XP.

Here are some of the main features of PMA.  Click on the feature for details.                                  

            ♦ Billing

                    Quick and easy data entry
                    Checks for data entry errors
                    Bank Deposit and Insurance Payment Reports
                    Interfaces with Microsoft Solomon
                    HIPAA 5010 compliant electronic billing
                    Outputs data to Microsoft Excel
                    Accepts billing from Microsoft Outlook Calendar
                    Prints HCFA-1500 & CMS-1500 claim forms and statements

            ♦ Record Keeping                                                                                                     
                    Progress notes, Initial assessment template, Follow-up template                                                          
                    Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI)
                    Charts, labels and reports
                    Exchanges demographic data with Microsoft Outlook Contacts
                    HIPAA compliant record keeping

            ♦ Scheduling

                    Complete therapist schedule

properly handles even the most complex managed care, processing claims based on authorized treatment (mode and amount of provider services authorized), provider fee schedules, visits/days authorization, eligibility, and benefit limits.

PMA not only supports electronic billing through a clearinghouse, but also supports electronic billing direct to the payer. You can choose to do your billing electronically through a clearinghouse or direct to the payer for Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid and many commercial insurers.

Technical Support is our strong point. We try hard to support our users. We are readily available to answer your questions and help solve your billing problems. Our software evolves through user feed back so that we continue to meet our user's needs. 

Diana Weedman, Lakewood, Washington, writes: "I am so thankful for PMA and the technical support team.  I taught myself the program from the tutorial several years ago when I switched from CBS.  I had my paper and electronic billing up and running very quickly.  When HIPAA came along, the few problems I had were quickly resolved by the tech team.  The last couple of months, I have had some quirky things show up in my program.  I just moved into a new expanded computer, downloaded the latest version of PMA, and Voila!, the quirks are all gone.  It wasn't a problem with the software, it was my old computer.  I have given the PMA people a couple suggestions along the way, and it isn't very long before those suggestions become a part of the software.  Thank you for listening to me very politely, helping me to resolve my software problems, and for continually making PMA more and more user-friendly."

Dr. Duie Jernigan, Clinical Counseling Associates of Tulsa, OK, writes:  "I'm very grateful for the great support I have had from you since 1991.  It has literally saved the day for me.  Have always been able to call on you when needed.  Thanks!"

Downloads:  Click here to download a PMA demo. The free demo is a full version of the program, but is limited to one provider and 20 clients.

Current PMA users can download the latest PMA update from within the PMA program or click here to download the PMA update now.

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